Friday, April 6, 2012


Careful and serious scholars--at least in English-speaking countries--avoid the expression of such emotions as disgust.  Regular readers of this blog must realize that in that respect, and perhaps in many others, I am not a serious scholar---or, I often allow myself to express strong emotion when I blog.

Today the nurse is visiting my eighty-five year old mother.  But, she cannot see my eighty-seven year old father.  He has not yet been re-certified.  He will be, but she can't see him this week.

Re-certification?  What is this about?  Is an eighty-seven year old man going to get "better"?  Is he going  to get healthy again?  I think not.  But, in that case, what is "re-certification' about?  Aren't they just checking to make sure he hasn't died?

Heaven forbid that nurses should be paid to visit a person who is dead.  I mean those nurses!  They are greedy, aren't they?

Not like Amazon
 or Wal-Mart....  Not like the manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction.....

Unlike Richard D Wolff,   from whom I have gained insights,

I think we can make distinctions among the participants in the capitalist system:  some have the system imposed upon them, and do not benefit from it---while others, benefit unfairly, and would like to do everything possible to propagate the system......

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