Friday, April 13, 2012

hating el paso texas

boom boom boom
a neighbor is enjoying himself
the hell with the neighbors, he thinks.  I am not at work, and so I can do whatever I choose.

Thus the fragile freedom of a wage slave...

I HATE elpasotexas with all of my being.  and here's why, e.g....

I've just been in the car for thirty or more minutes
sitting in the car is not comfortable
the seat distorts my back
I cannot sit up straight
and if I try, my head touches the roof of the car
and I can't see out through the windshield

the car seat and windshield force you either to slump or to lean back
you cannot sit up straight

and at night your eyes are constantly assaulted by the bright lights of other vehicles

I would like to go out, to attend a social event,
to relate to other human beings in a non-competitive, non-commercial way....
and I know of one in particular----thirty minutes away by car.

But, you see, I am in no f-ing mood to get in the car again.

If this city actually had decent public transit
(as opposed to a shitty bus system with cheap
low quality buses that ran infrequently....)
--if this were Bratislava or Vienna, I could take a tram
or a bus or the metro...and it would be an easy trip.

I would go.

But I don't fancy an hour trip in a car right now.  (Thirty minutes there and thirty minutes back....)
I'd like just to drop in for an hour or so, but thought of driving makes me want to puke.

This is unnecessary from a merely human standpoint---even leaving out the fact of climate change.

A disgusting city!
A disgusting country!


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