Sunday, April 1, 2012

I don't like the thought that I've just written an email complaining about a purchase...

And maybe it has been answered by someone in India or on the other side of the globe....

someone not especially well treated by the company who pays them to answer my emails

And I've complained because something I purchased for my elderly parents was defective.

And I've stressed how it was for two old people, who don't have much chance to get out of the house.

And What about the person reading my message?  What about her parents?  Do they enjoy worse health than my own parents?  Might they be, for example, victims of a chemical spill by a USA company?
Or worse?

I'm being virtuous because it is for my parents?  But what about the parents of the person who is writing me "I am sorry"????  They deserve happiness every bit as much as my own parents.

But why is it that I have this sinking feeling.....why is it that I am worried or suspicious that probably
they have less than my own parents?

Because most of the world is less prosperous than the so-called developed nations, and that is not right, not good----cannot be justified.

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