Friday, March 30, 2012

an uncivilized country

This is my impressions of the native-born citizens of the USA:
For the most part,
if you meet them in a situation where they want your money,
they will pretend to be your friend.

but if you meet them elsewhere---in your neighborhood, or on the freeway--
they are ruthless and impolite.

E.g. when they leave their dogs outside all night, and the dog barks all night---non-stop.

They seem to take the approach: F-You.  It's my dog and my yard, and I can do what I want.

As if sound did not travel.

Something very similar---a very similar aggressive lack of consideration---applies to the idea
that I can play "my" music as loud as I want.

This has its roots in capitalism---the disrespect people face in the workplace, as well as
a kind of primitive notion that property rights are sacred.  If I'm disrespected at work,
when I come home I want to experience some degree of autonomy----even if it
is mis-directed......If I own a dog or a stereo, it's  my property, so I can do
what I want with it. ---Or, so they seem to think.  And if it damages or disturbs someone
else, well, "that's not my problem"....

A very uncivilized nation.


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