Saturday, February 18, 2012


I had hoped to comment upon this matter at greater length, and perhaps I shall in the future, but....for now, let me just say this:  The pictures which adorn the borders of this blog were taken a couple of years ago.  The deserted buildings, I thought at the time, looked better in the pictures than they did in reality.  Orange buildings, blue sky, etc.  The expanse of asphalt surrounding them was not so ugly in the pictures as in reality.  Now those buildings (which were once a functioning set of shops relatively close to my parents' home) have been destroyed.  I have been told that a "Wal Mart" will be built there.  IMHO that's not progress.....but I have no say in the matter.   (My views have no effective influence upon the course of events---which is to say there is no democracy here.)

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