Monday, December 16, 2013

what absurd things people say

I mention that my parents are in their eighties and I hear, "Oh what a nice age..."
A nice age!  Have you got any idea of the problems they have?
Have you any idea of what it means to rely upon in-home care provided by a for-profit
company?  A company that pays good people a wage so low that they can't survive?
And pushes them and controls them in other ways as well....

Can you imagine how painful it is for me to be so far away, and to be able to do so little
to help?

Can you imagine how a phone conversation is upsetting because it only brings home the distance?  And I hang up with a dread feeling of emptiness.........

To be old and to be far from your children and family!  Do you think that is sweet or nice or lovely?  Are you so stupid?

No, you obviously have no idea, none whatsoever.  You fantasize about what it
must be like, and your imagination overreaches.

Just as so many fantasize about what the USA is like on the basis of propagandistic
Hollywood movies and American serials.....

The human race has many flaws, and there are times when talking is utterly pointless.

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