Sunday, January 8, 2012

the cruelty of the USA

The USA is not merely an irresponsible land, but a cruel one..... unkind......

Do I think about the consequences of my actions? To be sure. I wouldn't reach for the coffee cup if I didn't think it would make me feel better.

And when people are kept alive to a very old age, but not given the needed support?

My parents (and many other elderly people) are kept alive, but after that, there's nothing for them--not enough culture, not enough sociality, not enough stimulation.

And most of all there's not chance enough to share their actual current experiences with other people in the same situation. they are isolated, alone--in a very unhealthy situation.

Medical companies can make money selling all sorts of equipment, but the real care that people need is nowhere.

There's something very wrong here. And to go back upon a previous post (to show my own inner contradictions) I would like to say that this is a country which shows no genuine respect toward the elderly...... or anyone else...... You might even say that it is irresponsible merely to keep someone alive, and then to condemn them to loneliness....but better to say it is cruel---worse than merely irresponsible....

And this cruelty is a by-product of the way people live here, in their "suburbs" with their cars and this miserable form of life which is isolated from the ground up, with homes full of consumer goods that bring no happiness.......a swamp full of trivial distractions that bring no joy.....and no understanding.......

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