Friday, January 20, 2012

El Pasoans are assholes (continued)

9pm Friday evening. I'd like to rest, maybe take a little nap.
A neighbor a street away is playing "his" music loud. BOOM BOOOM BOOM BOOOM BOOOM

2am update
And then there is the other asshole, who puts his dog outside every night, and the dog barks non-stop, all night.


these idiots seem to live in some sort of bubble-world of fantasy: I can do whatever I want with my stereo/my dog/in my house----and the rest of the world can go to hell. It is as if only individual wage-slaves exist with their property; the rest of the world does not exist for them. (Are they thinking: I had to work at a job I don't like and now I am going to get revenge on the world? Do they imagine that is "freedom"? Are they that sick?)

This is a kind of deep lack of civilization. (get me out of here!)

The joke is that people imagine that somehow it's better to live in a house, but when the houses are so close together and the neighbors are such assholes, it is worse than living in an apartment. (I lived in an apartment for nearly thirteen years in Europe, and never had so many noisy neighbors. Never!)


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