Saturday, January 7, 2012

problems I never experienced in Europe

Lately, I have acquired a new item on my list of items which make this country a bad place to live: people who drive at 60 or 70 mph, so close to the car in front that if you
look into your rearview mirror (supposing it is you they are trailing) you can count the hairs in the guy's mustache...... (Well, mostly guys, but the other day there was one woman.....)

jerks who play "their music" so loud that it travels into the ears of the neighbors a street the sound of elephants jumping up and down....any time day or night....


get me out of here

(When I lived in Europe, people used to ask: don't you miss it (the USA)?
I always was a bit embarrassed to tell the truth, which was, "No, I didn't miss it, not one tiny bit."
The only thing I used to miss was access to first-rate libraries with books and journals in English. but, guess what! I live in the USA today and I have not got access to a first-rate library. So, I am screwed all around.....)

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