Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today I went to Wal mart.

It was not pleasant.

I found myself wondering why stores in Europe are smaller, and
thinking about how just the size changes things...

and makes it less unpleasant to shop.....

not to mention:  a McDonalds at the entrance!!!!

but I did notice the Mcdonalds had free water with cups.

The unpleasant heat is a reality that even the worst business has to recognize
and deal with

And I do find the heat unpleasant, increasingly so.

But I have a theory that it would be better if there were no air conditioning,
and if houses were designed more intelligently.

I think the basic design of many houses was copied from houses located in
more temperate regions

I wonder if with a combination of proper ventilation and shade, the heat
could be tolerable without air conditioning...

As it is now, the constant change from freezing cold to burning  hot is very unpleasant.

Often I am glad to get out of the air conditioning.

Yes, I do not like El Paso Texas, and I am not enjoying my stay here.

I hope to leave soon...

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