Sunday, August 30, 2009

El Paso's Inadequate Public Transport

I've not conducted a scientific survey, but, thus far no one I've met

--and I don't get out much--has been hostile to the idea of

improved public transport.

If the politicians in El Paso had courage and creativity, they would

think about putting in street cars and improving bus service.

I do not believe it costs more than personal automobiles. You can

get the conclusion that public transport doesn't pay if you ignore

the costs associated with the use of private automobiles:

the construction of environment destroying roads, road construction

which contributes to global warming and makes an anti-pedestrian well as the problems of social isolation and road rage....

and the problem of road accidents and deaths due to alcohol consumption.

There are even parts of the US where you can use public transport to go

home after a night out....

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