Saturday, January 4, 2014

better to say nothing

Recently, a woman who learned that my parents were in their late eighies, approaching ninety,  remarked in a sweet voice that this was such a wonderful time of life.

Does she know actually anything about being eighty eighty?  Like so much superficial emotional reaction, the basis seems to be uninformed imagination rather than actual experience.

This morning my father managed to tilt his urinal so that its contents spilled out onto him
and his bed.  My mother noticed this, and she became upset.

Spilling urine has become a regular feature of my father's early morning activities.

Not that he does it deliberately.  He sometimes seems to do it unconsciously, falling
back to sleep with his bottom on a wet spot.

This is upsetting for my mother and my father.  My mother is limited in her actions by
severe arthritis. 

So, at six or seven in the morning, my father needs  to be changed. He can't do it himself.
Change his clothes.  Change the bedding.  And then wash the urine soaked items.

What a  wonderful time of life?  Not.......

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