Thursday, September 24, 2009


as I think of my friends in Wien I would not want them to think
badly of me.... my unhappiness in Wien had more to do with my
wage slavery than anything my friends had said or done...

as I think of the gleaming metal and glass boxes on Mesa street in El Paso Texas,
the boxes moving swiftly, boxes which don't like to stop for pedestrians...

I ask myself: how can human beings accept this ugliness? such miserable
living conditions?

Do they really not see this nasty, inhuman environment for what it is?

Yes, I prefer a crowded U-bahn to waiting for the bus in the merciless sunshine,
watching the shining cars speed past.

You don't really see people in El Paso Texas. You see cars.

Unless you enter a shop, or a crowded bus....

And the streets are so wide--not on a human scale---that when you cross them,
and you hear the mechanical voice counting down ..... it adds insult to injury...

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