Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the insanity of the usa, el paso style

This is an insane country.
Nothing here is convenient.
Everything is far away.

I despise the air conditioning even more than the merciless sun.

Today I stood on Mesa Street waiting for a bus, smelling gasoline from the
nearby pumps.

to cross the street I had to listen to the obnoxious voice of a machine counting down the
time left for a pedestrian to cross....Nine....Eight....Seven...

How horrible!

How can people live like this? With no concern for anyone except themselves?

Buy cars. Buy new phones. Buy computers.

And just across the valley, on the other side of the ocean of traffic, lies Mexico.

Can you just ignore the poverty? Someone is born on the wrong side of the
border, and, so they will have half a life?

Just because of that arbitrary border?

How can someone look everyday at Mexico and not feel outrage or disgust?

Do they just think: I'm here. I'm okay. the hell with them?

And they all drive enormous trucks! Shiny enormous cars. Such arrogance.

I hate this city.

So ugly.

The noise of traffic is ugly.

the presumption of the numerous cars is maddening.

It is ugly, mindless, heartless......

not culture, but anti-culture

not a society in the true sense, but a wholly un- and anti-social way of being.

global warming? Let's just ignore it....

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