Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Did I imagine it?

Miners in the Czech Republic are striking.  They don't want their wages decreased. (|At any rate, that's what I understand of the matter.)
Recently the mine owner appeared on TV with a union representative.
The moderator became excited when the mine owner talked about harming the company.
He turned to the union representative, and asked (something like) "Are you trying to hurt the company?"
Let's stop for a minute.  The company is not a person.  Miners are people.  We might equally well ask: Is the company hurting the miners?  Or, are the owners of the mine trying to hurt the miners by decreasing their wages?
Of course, no one said any of that.

The union representative did win my respect by calmly remarking that strikes always hurt the company.  (And they hurt the strikers too, since they don't get their wages!)
Duuuhhhh. What kind of idiot was that interviewer?  Can you imagine that a strike doesn't hurt people?

Really, this is a shocking level of ignorance.  (Perhaps some ideology is at work?)

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