Saturday, November 9, 2013

Capitalism's lack of respect

I just noticed a small box with the words "Killing Arafat" at the website of the so-called liberal newspaper, "The Guardian."

The murder of Arafat is a crime, and it is good that it has been made public.

Turning the thing into a piece of advertising is altogether a different matter. 

It's just not respectful when it becomes "another story".  And, there's no easy way to describe the problem here because it is systemic, and omnipresent.

The short form of the problem is:  capitalism respects nothing and no one.

To the extent that Al-Jazeera makes the truth known, that's good.  But, it is a sign of the degraded nature of the system that even this good thing must be packaged and twisted around to satisfy advertising and marketing satisfy the god of profit........

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