Saturday, December 12, 2009

freedom? what freedom?/Shitty Sun Metro

was in the drug store, and I realized there was a so-called security camera recording my every move as I paid.

Now that is a violation of my freedom. They are actually watching me -- just in case.

You cannot monitor people just in case. That is intrusive.

then I realized there is another camera on the bus! --just in case.

when did it happen that all public spaces are monitored? And who is doing this monitoring?

there is no such thing as the right to photograph or film anyone you right any time you like.

It is like suspecting people of crime before any crime has been committed.

We are all under permanent observation, permanent suspicion.

This is NOT freedom.

turning to another nasty subject.. sun metro...

sun metro is not FUN metro!! It is pain in the ass Metro!!

the number 15 bus must have
been about fifteen minutes late (or more) coming to university and mesa
around 4:20 or so....and...
this caused me a lot of problems and actually set up a chain of events leading me to unknowingly spill
coffee all over two books

that is the price you pay when you use shitty (or, more politely) mediocre public transport.

I was late getting to where I had to be, and this caused me to rush, and inadvertently spill a cup of
coffee over two new books. A very irritating event. Thanks to Sun Metro...

I hasten to add that the first bus I took today was very crowded. standing room only.

the second bus likewise was crowded to the breaking point.

If you want people to use public transport, it has got to be more convenient. Waiting fifteen or twenty minutes for
a bus is too long! and then being crowded with other people in that inhumane way is not acceptable.
No one will voluntarily use public transport when it is so UNPLEASANT

SUN METRO has it all wrong in Many ways.

Instead of facing up to the climate criminality of the average citizen (Do you really need to use your car?
Do you need to use it as often as you use it?), SUN METRO has an ad campaign that appeals to self-interest.

Sun Metro does not appeal to our desire to help others (Help reduce global warming. Use your car less. Use
public transport)
They do not use that motivation. Instead like good unthinking capitalists they appeal to selfishness:
save your money!

That shows something about local culture. Selfish individualism.

A while back someone at Sun Metro actually wrote me an email with words to the effect:

with the new improvements Sun Metro will be almost "perfect"

NO NOT almost perfect
Nothing like perfect
MEDIOCRE at best

The new improvements (so called; really very minor changes ) affected lines that i never use!

but that cheerful insincere language is an indication of a certain American marketing mentality mindset

something which seems invisible to most people I talk with

and oddly, while it contributes absolutely nothing to their well-being (just as attacking countries which
have not attacked us does not add to national security) the people I talk to seem quite defensive about
defending marketing and advertising.

defending bullshit

that too is a sort of culture

Or, more strictly put, a lack of culture, a sort of degraded conformist value....

Like the people I've met in the coffee shot near UTEP who don't want to hear that CNN has propaganda.

Well propaganda is not exactly the same as lying. It means using the truth for certain ends. Selectively presenting
some truths and not others.

You have to have enough truth to make it plausible. And then there's the way the conversations are framed so that
some questions just don't get asked.

All manipulation in favor of the classes who profit from war.

No it is not a "conspiracy" theory, although the USA has certainly conspired with other countries such as Great Britain
to continue climate crimes. (I am referring to the secret agreement reached in Copenhagen at the climate summit)...

What I'm talking about is class warfare. Property versus labor. The owner of the drug store versus the customers.

I have often wondered whether the use of whistles by SUn METRO at the famous downtown changing center
doesn't indicate a certain fascist mind set... but I will save that topic for another day...

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