Tuesday, December 1, 2009

apology to Slovakia; Shitty El Paso

when I lived in Bratislava I noticed that when glass was broken (because a window had been smashed
probably by drunks or some idiotic street level billboard had been broken) the glass lay around
for months, and no one cleaned it up..

I complained about this to my students, and they were very unhappy with me.

Now I've noticed something similar in El Paso Texas
On McCombs, a busy street near my residence, someone broke glass (it looks like glass from a car windshield)
and it has just been laying there in the street and on the sidewalk for weeks. I guess that slowly the wind
and rain will remove it, but so far no person has cared to do anything...

And then there is a bench with advertising at one bus stop.... A bus stop with no shelter from wind, rain,
or sun.....

And someone allowed a large animal to leave its waste products there... a large piece of shit...
and it smells very bad, very bad...making it impossible to comfortably sit on the bench..

and it's been there for more than two weeks.... Perhaps the rain today may have washed it away,
but no human being would bother to clean up the shit.

So the citizens of El Paso are no more public spirited (when it comes to shit and broken glass) than are
the citizens of Bratislava or Mean Wien....

Not the world itself, but the people who live in the world make this life hell on earth.

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