Sunday, November 8, 2009


It is difficult for me to describe the unpleasantness which is El Paso.

I would like to take a walk, to get out of the house, but where would i go?

I might walk along the sidewalks, sidewalks in front of small square suburban boxes. Most homes surrounded
by a fence or wall. many have three or four or five trucks--usually trucks, big trucks--parked in front.

dogs bark at me.

There are no trash cans. That is no public trash cans--indicating that walking is not desired or encouraged.

If I walk from my home to the Northgate bus transfer center, there are no public garbage cans along the way--a thirty minute walk.

I look at these houses when I walk to the bus stop, and I think: What is the point? To have your own little house with
your own little piece of grass?!

Sterile and anti-social. It's mine, mine, mine, all mine. No wonder these people continue their climate criminal
life style...
driving at the least whim...

driving large trucks here and there...

I prefer Vienna's crowded public transport--more frequent than El Paso's buses--to walking in the
blazing sun along the sidewalks as enormous trucks zoom by me in the obscenely large streets...

not civilization this
always a barren wilderness in the land of the free...

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