Sunday, August 3, 2014

Doctors make me sick.

Doctors make me sick.
They are so proud of themselves, so confident, so arrogant,
so blind to the real world, and so focused upon their narrow point of view
with cures which involve technology first and the human world second.

EG  a sleep machine to cure sleep apnea,
which is a damn nuisance,
which has been constructed with a 'one-size fits all' mentality,
--oh, your mother has a small head,
says the wise doctor,
as if it were her mistake,
no, he says,"that's the head god gave her."
And the god damn machine you've given us doesn't
fit her head--Or rather, the attached straps on the nasal torture device don't fit her head.

So, I've got to hear my mother's complaints about the device
every night before bed time.
Every night.
Every night, it is a case of not looking forward to the discomfort caused by
this lovely, beautiful machine.

We've not been able to think of anything better, proudly struts the doctor.
And I say, "Shame on you for not trying!"
Is there really nothing better you can do?
What happen to the lovely dynamic tendency toward innovation in capitalism?
All I see about me is stagnation and exploitation.
Doctors are no exception to the rule,
but rather sorry and unimaginative also-rans.

Yes, let us not forget,
to assert his class superiority,
the doctor blames the technician,
who's actually got to drive all over the city in her car,
and teach patients how to use the god damn thing;
she, he says, must not have spent enough time explaining.
He, however, sits in his air-conditioned office, far away from my mother's home,
where he lets her come to him,
and he doesn't have to waste resources with travelling,
as does the techie,
so it's his privilege to shit on the incompetence and laziness of the underpaid assistant.
Now, that's really impressive.
But, I read that things are catching up with doctors,
they too are about to have their lives ruled by the idiocy of the MBA,
with its diet of repeatable formulas and measurable success.
He deserves it,
That's what I think.

But none of us, really,
deserve to live in this hell;
He's just strutting because he's got less of a hell to live in,
than the rest of us.

Shame on him.


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