Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What is ugliness? The place where I buy food....

What is ugliness?
Ugliness is a grocery store located in a basement,
with no natural light.

When you enter,
a man in uniform stares at you as if you were a thief.
He inspects you,
regards you coldly, callously,
indifferent to your humanity.

As you enter the store,
your ears are assaulted by false-happy noises,
cheerfully urging you to buy crap,
because it's such a bargain,
and telling you to be grateful.

Inside the fruit and vegetables are not fresh,
but who can really tell in the artificial light?
Everything has an unnatural glow.

Yes, I've purchased this fresh-appearing stuff,
and after a day,
it seems to deteriorate,
and mold grows,
all that phony freshness disappearing,
like a paper-mache toy that's gotten wet.

When you pay,
they will bother you with joining the list
of their loyal customers.
--If that's what loyalty is,
then disloyalty is a virtue.
And they will bother you every time.

The poor slaves who work there are unhappy.
I know it, and you know it too.
How can we even dare to look them in the face?
Maybe because we feel like slaves too?

Then there are the shopping bags,
with their lies,
saying that this crap place suits my taste!
What an arrogant insult!
Or claiming they are "ecological",
when we know they are no such things.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

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