Saturday, January 16, 2010

Shitty Sun Metro

I took the 42 bus from northeast elpaso to the downtown. A twenty minute trip.
Crowded bus.

A woman with two children on her lap sat beside me. That was not comfortable.

the buses are very cheap, low quality.

They seem to have no suspension. If I sit in the back half of the bus, the buses bounce up and
down so much that it is hard to read.

In addition, at night, the bus drivers turn off the lights in the front of the bus. so, it is hard to
read there because it is dark.

Another feature of the buses which is evidence of their poor quality is that the center door does
not shut properly. There is a large gap between where the door is and where the door frame is.
This allows cold air to blow into the bus, and when it rains, water comes in.

Today I rode buses for about sixty minutes and I waited for buses about fifty minutes.


I note in passing that Western Europeans who visit Bratislava complain about the local
public transport.

(That's according to the English page of the Bratislava public transport website.)

Yet Bratislava's public transport is far superior to sun metro in El Paso.

shitty el paso

shitty sun metro

And, there is as well, a contraption worthy of Rube Goldberg which makes it possible for wheel chairs to get on.

But it's crazy! slow and noisy!

A simpler solution would be if the buses were simply built lower.
Yes that is possible. I have seen it.

Oh, you say it must be "expensive".

There are millions of dollars to waste on spy planes along the border,
but not money for basic public services.

That is American capitalism at work, a fundamentally non-democratic system....

March 31, 2010 1:43 AM

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