Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The myth of El Paso's "good" weather--El Paso Texas--city of Miserable weather and cars

My neck is burning from the sun. I am sure it looks like leather.
The bus stops here have no protection from the sun or the elements.
The joke is occasionally there is a bus stop, but it's more an aesthetic experience
than a shelter.

I am sure the local government doesn't think any protection is necessary for bus riders.

Of course they do have money to do desert scenery landscapes in the middle of the massive
roads they build here. Landscaping with rocks and stones and palm trees.

Not to mention the atrocious would-be sculpture in the new changing center
downtown... a sculpture of hideous unoriginality...... pointless in the extreme...
Instead of desert landscaping, why don't they expand bus services?

But it would seem that landscaping is very important to the local city
government..... More important than public transport.

One of the things I hate most is waiting for the bus on Mesa Avenue at 7pm as the aggressive
cars speed by at forty or fifty or more miles per hour, their headlights blinding me...
not pleasant....
not nice...
not civilized...

a wretched uncivilized place

I suspect that many are pleased by their enormous trucks and the mobility
it gives them,
ignoring the fact that people are dying from global warming...
a culture in denial...
technology does not make for civilization......

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